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Looking for the cell phone recon software that allows you to monitor any cell phone? Look no further, we review the best cell phone recon software on the internet, and we can make sure you get the best cell phone recon software to meet your needs at a very affordable price.

If you’re new to cell phone recon, here is an introduction:

Cell phone recon software (sometimes called cell phone spyware) is a phone app that is used by anyone who wants to spy on a cell phone. The way it works is simple: first, you download it directly into the phone via the phone’s internet browser, and that means you don’t need any PC connection, CD, and cable.

After the cell phone recon software has been downloaded and installed on the phone, the application runs silently in the background undetected, and immediately starts recording activities on the phone, including information like SMS messages, GPS locations, call logs, and more. Then this information is periodically uploaded to an account online. Now you just log into your account, and you can view the data obtained from the monitored cell phone.

Why Use Cell Phone Recon Software?

  1. Catch a Cheating Spouse – One of the most common reasons a person uses cell phone recon software is to confirm or dispel their suspicions of whether their spouse may be cheating on them. The app allows the user to see if their spouse is at the location they said they would be at. Also useful is being able to see who they have been talking to or texting. In this sense, cell phone recon software allows someone to determine if their partner is being faithful or not. Monitoring software for PC use have been around for quite a while. but with smartphones becoming more prevalent, there is much more demand for these types of apps to be implemented on cell phones.
  2. Monitor Teenager Cell Use – In recent years it has become much more difficult for parents to monitor the activities of their teenage children. Teenagers consider it an intrusion in their privacy when asked by a parent about their activities and associations. Cell phone recon is a great tool for parents that want to make sure their teenage children do not engage in any unsafe and illegal activities or associate with the wrong type of people. Find out if there is a potential problem before it’s too late.
  3. Employee Monitoring – Cell phone recon software can also enable companies to keep a close watch on cell phones that are provided to employees. In many businesses nowadays, more communication is being done on cell phones through SMS messages. Knowing what is being said in these messages is useful so companies will know if any policies or rules are being violated. Cell phone recon also comes in useful in the event of any legal action taken against the company. In this case, the call logs and SMS messages that were recorded can be used in court for an effective defense.

So Which Cell Phone Recon Software Is Best For You?

There are many different cell phone recon software on the market. How can you know which one to choose and which will be best for you?

One that really stands out!

Mobile Spy One that is head and shoulders ahead of everyone else: Mobile Spy. Certified by the BBB (Better Business Bureau)! We have tested it and it works very well, you are assured that Mobile Spy, together with the guys and brains behind it, are not just after your money. They are around to give you a RELIABLE and FULL-FEATURED cell phone recon software and offer a great and fast 24/7 support team to help you every step of the way.

Records incoming and outgoing text messages and emails, logs calls together with its direction and time-stamp, records all of the contacts on the phone (even new ones are added) – these are just some of the spying and tracking features that Mobile Spy has. And to make the deal even sweeter: it does all of these and more at full-stealth! That’s right, this cell phone recon software is TOTALLY undetectable. There are no names, no signs, no icons, and no odd sounds that will notify the user of Mobile Spy’s presence… none whatsoever!

Here is a list of all the features found on Mobile Spy

1. Text Message Monitoring: Mobile Spy enables you to view all text messages that are sent or received by the monitored phone. Mobile Spy supports all languages. This is a handy feature for concerned parents who want to make sure their kids aren’t engaged in any inappropriate conversations through text. Needless to say, this is also useful for people who want to spy on spouses whom they suspect of cheating.

2. Stealth GPS Tracking: Want to know where a cell phone is located at a certain time? No problem. This feature will get the job done. Mobile Spy records the GPS locations of the phone at any interval you select, and uploads it to your Mobile Spy account. The location is then linked to a map, so that it is easier to view and pinpoint and location.

3. View Call History: With this feature, the number of calls made from the monitored phone can easily be viewed. Other data recorded include the call numbers, times, and length of the call. If the number is in the contact list on the phone, contact information will also be shown. All of this data can be retrieved by logging in to the online account from any computer.

4. View Web Browser History: This useful feature is great for parents who are worried about their kids viewing inappropriate content on their cell phones. Mobile Spy will record all URL’s so you will know exactly what websites were visited, even if they clear the web browser’s history.

5. Photo and Video Monitoring: Mobile spy cell phone recon software will upload all the pictures & videos on phone to your account and you can download them at any time.

6. View Contact List: With this cell phone recon feature, you’ll be able to view all the contacts stored on the cell phone. New contacts added are also recorded.

7. View Email Logs: View all the details of sent and received emails. Now you can track all email communication through cell phone recon software.

8. Cell ID Locations: ID information on all cell towers that the device enters into range of is recorded.

9. View Calendar Events: Every calendar event is logged. Date, time, and locations are recorded.

10. View Task Logs: All personal tasks that are created are logged and viewable.

11. View Memo Logs: Every memo input into the phone is logged and viewable.

To provide you with an example of how one would look, here is a snapshot of Mobile Spy’s user interface.

Cell Phone Recon Interface

As you can see from the snapshot above, the interface is very self explanatory. Simply click on the item you want to view – that’s it.

HOW MUCH? $49.97 (3 months license) – $99.97 USD (12 months license)

  1. Supported Phones: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad, Symbian, & Windows Mobile.
  2. BONUS: FREE SniperSpy PC remote monitoring software (Records chat conversations, web sites, keystrokes and more) with purchase of Mobile Spy’s 1yr license.
  3. Mobile Spy is available for an instant download, so you can use the software immediately.

WHERE TO BUY: www.highstermobi.com

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Why Mobile Spy is The Best Cell Phone Recon Software?

(1) A Tried And Tested US-Based Company – Retina-X has been in the biz for almost a decade now and was founded in 2003. If other cell phone recon software vendors and providers come and go, the guys who brought you Mobile Spy are here to stay! You can be sure that you receive professional grade software and solid 24/7 support without boring a hole in your pocket. Let me warn you: there are many cell phone recon software scams like e-Stealth and MMS Message Interceptor. They stuff you with fluff and false promises, and deliver nothing. Don’t be ripped off! Stick with the industry leaders.

(2) Quick and Easy Installation – This cell phone recon is terrific because it’s so simple and quick to get up and running. Installing Mobile Spy is quite simple and only takes a few minutes to implement. After Mobile Spy is installed, it runs silently in the background and is virtually undetectable on the phone you want to monitor. Right away, the application will start recording data, and upload this data to your account without the user ever knowing. Mobile Spy stores this data on a secured server, and you can view the information at any time from your own computer.

(3) Comes With the Only LIVE Control Panel – Mobile Spy’s LIVE Control Panel is another breakthrough in cell phone recon software. When you have this add-on, you won’t just see the current location of the phone on the LIVE map, you will also see the phone’s ACTUAL screen! Nothing will be hidden from you. PLUS, to make the deal even sweeter, you can remotely control and obtain information from the phone REMOTELY!

(4) Spy On Multiple Phones – Most other cell phone recon software will only allow you to install to 1 device per license. What’s nice about Mobile Spy is that you can use this cell phone recon software on up to three phones! Of course, you don’t have to buy additional licenses. To make the deal even sweeter, you also get discounts for corporate customers who need to keep track of and spy on a large group of phones! All you need to do is call their support section to get all of the information you need.

(5) SniperSpy Included At No Extra Costs – Want to monitor and track the cell phone AND computer’s activity? No problem. Purchase the 1-year license of Mobile Spy and you will also get SniperSpy for FREE! For the uninitiated, SniperSpy is one of the BEST PC spying and tracking applications you can lay your hands on. SniperSpy PC remote spy software secretly installs to your remote computer. Records chat conversations, websites, keystrokes and much more. Monitor your child or employee’s computer activities from anywhere.

WHERE TO BUY: http://www.highstermobi.com

Some FAQ’s I’ve been asked by Email

Which phones does Mobile Spy support?

Mobile Spy supports all the most popular smart phones such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian/Nokia and Windows Mobile. . Mobile Spy is now also compatible with the Apple iPad!

Which countries will the software work in?

Mobile Spy works in any part of the world and supports all languages. If you can use a smartphone in your country, you can install mobile spy on it and monitor it. In general, an Internet connection is all you really need, as long as the Target phone has an Internet connection to upload the captured data to the web account, everything will work in all countries.

How to use mobile spy?

In order to use Mobile Spy services you need to sign-up (click here). The process is very simple, it feels a bit like creating a free email account, just like gmail or yahoo mail. Once you have purchased the Mobile Spy cell phone recon software you will be sent all of the installation information in an easy to follow step by step guide. Installation of mobile spy is very easy and it takes only few minutes. You just need to follow on screen instructions to get started. They also have a great technical support team available whenever you need help.


There are many cell phone recon packages on the market and this ranks as one of the best. It’s easy to use interface along with excellent technical support mean users of all skills and experience will be able to use it without any trouble. The flexible subscription plans offer a price for all budgets and the knowledge that no further outlay is required. The software is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones and all the major network providers. All in all this is software is clever affordable and extremely easy to use and is ideal for catching a cheating spouse, parents monitoring children and employers enforcing cell phone usage policies.

We highly recommend this powerful, reliable and affordable cell phone recon software to anyone who wants to easily spy on or track a cell phone. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Order today to receive your username, password and installation instructions sent immediately to your email.

I hope you enjoyed my review of cell phone recon software – Just a comment below if you have questions or your own review!

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      1) Visit mobile spy website at http://www.cellphonereconreviews.net/go/download, you’ll see the user guide page in the left side of the site, just click on the link for details.

      2) Yes. You need to download the cell phone recon application directly into the phone. Once installed, you don’t need to have physical access to the phone anymore.


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